1000+ HSE Interview Questions and Answers

Top 1000+ HSE Interview Questions and Answers

Define the term Safety or What do you mean by the term Safety

Safety is defined as the absence of risk having serious personal injury. It can also be defined as freedom from physical and mental harm.

Define the term Health or What do you mean by the term Health

The absence of disease or ill health. It can also be defined as the presence of good physical and mental health.

Define acute health effects

Acute Health Effects are the health effects that typically appear immediately or within a relative short span of time after exposure. Example includes exposure to high concentrations of chlorine gas that causes immediate irritation to the respiratory system and might even lead to death.

Define chronic health effects

Chronic health effects are the long-term health effects that often come about as a result of exposure to lower levels of substances over a long period of time. Commonly these effects are gradual and are often progressive and irreversible. Sometimes the effects will last a lifetime. Examples of chronic health effects include asthma and cancer.

Define the term Accident

Accident is defined as an unplanned, unwanted event that leads to undesired event such as injury, damage or loss.

What are three major reasons to manage health and safety

  1. Moral reason: To prevent physical injuries so as to avoid human sufferings
  2. Legal reason: To avoid legal prosecution either Civil or criminal
  3. Financial: To avoid financial loses either these are Direct or Indirect losses

What does the term compliance imply?

The term compliance implies fulfilling the legal requirements.

Define the meaning of term Employer

An employer is a person or an organization that employs people.

How many key elements of Health and Safety policy of an organization are there

An organizations Health and Safety policy has three key elements:

  1. The General statement of Intent
  2. The Organization of Health and Safety
  3. Organizations Arrangements for Health and Safety

What are some circumstances that might require an update in the review of HSE policy?

Given below are some circumstances that might require an update in HSE policy:

  1. If any audit, investigation, or risk assessment suggests that policy needs to be changed
  2. Any law or enforcement action
  3. Introduction of new legislation relevant to operations of organizations
  4. Changes to the nature of works carried out by the organization
  5. Introduction of new process
  6. Introduction to a new project
  7. On request of third party or client or consultant
  8. On valid suggestion provided by a workforce
  9. Any organizational changes such as new CEO or MD
  10. Any changes to the organization’s management structure

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